Monday, 21 May 2007

A beginning, a challenge.

Quite a stressful week that was. Had to relocate staff to a new site, about 45 kilometres away, and they were informed last week. A lot of sour faces, teary eyes and angry retorts! Not to mention 'minor' threats. If they work at any other places, they would not have an aorta of a chance to tweet any disagreement ... or else! Some, I might say, are quite complacent with the way things have been and thus the reaction. Anyway, I see it as part of the job; but it was still stressful.

Blogging is a beginning too, started around two weeks ago, had a break as I was getting nowhere. Even found difficulty relocating my blog! It's good to have a break; as they say: come back with a fresh breath of air.

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