Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Missed a day already

I planned to post a thought a day (except weekends) when I started blogging, but didn't manage to do it yesterday. I had ideas but was hardpressed for time. The reason for not wanting to write on weekends is so that I will spend more time with AHS. Already during weekdays we have so little time for each other. Another reason is so that AHS doesn't get hooked on the internet and writing and where would that leave me?

I managed to accompany AHS for his daily walks a couple of days last week and again today. I love the school hol as it gives me the chance to go out to work later than usual. We mostly walk around the neighbourhood, making a big loop when there's more time. We would zig-zag the rows of houses and plan our route so that we have to climb an incline. There are many walk enthusiasts in the area; some walk very early in the morning, and some even after 8 p.m. Now that's something we haven't tried. But no one is crazy enough to walk in the heat of noon, as they do in Perth, even in summer. One of the highlights of our walk for me is meeting people around the neighbourhood and picking the beautiful, red biji saga. There are about four saga trees along Jalan 2. I plan to either make a bean bag out of them or to put them in a clear glass bottle for decoration.

There's a downside to the walk too. Dog poo. I hate them. We always have to steer away from them and they are almost everywhere. The owners of these creatures should be fined. Honestly. They'll gladly take the dogs out for a walk (thank God they are on leashes) and happily wait for the dogs to do their businesses and just walk off without an ounce of conscience. And others would be having a nasty whiff of the glorious pile. And they are simply heaped on the road! Sorry to be writing about this but the owners just amaze me. They should be educated, speaking in English and all that... (I know that's not a fair assumption). There's only ONE lady who walks her dogs with a plastic bag ready -- a Caucasian lady. Nope, I guess the other dog owners who walk their dogs have not noticed the mess nor have they taken any hint from that Caucasian lady.

I lived onced next to a family who owned a dog and tied it up at the back of the house. There was no kennel nor shelter for it. On rainy nights the creature would howl and whimper until I could not take it any longer. I complained to the MPPJ (as it was then). The MPPJ must have sent a notice to the neighbour and the next thing was they let the dog out at night. As simple as that. I wonder why people keep pets.


D said...

Don't be too hard on yourself regarding posting an entry. Just go with the flow and enjoy the writing. Dog poo? Pooey!!

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Jooli,

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Gosh! My dear, it will be a tall order to pen down a thought a day, lemme tell ya. Just write whatever you wish, whenever you have the time...this I learned from some personal experience over time..he he. It can be taxing at times. So have a relaxed pace, it's ok.

Dogs, well on this subject, I have nothing against dogs. I have never shared my opinion on dogs openly, maybe one day I will.

As a clue, I think God created dogs as quite a high challenge to us humans. Won't say why here...suspense!

When I lived overseas, it is a common feature for dog owners walking their dogs to walk with hand spade and plastic bags. They are so civics-conscious over there. Keep well Jooli.

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