Monday, 10 September 2007

Tagged by D

I was quite thrilled when tagged (by D) the last time, but couldn't manage due to time constraint. Wonder if they got the bus? So this time, I shall not pass the chance. So here goes:

5 things in my bag
- silver Parker ball point pen (gift from the department)
-- a note book (of ideas)
--- tissue paper (must have)
---- sweets
----- handphone

5 things in my wallet

- My Kad
-- copy of AHS' My Kad
--- Stamps
---- ATM card
----- clove (to chew on after eating fish)
5 favourite things in my bedroom
- reading lamp
--bouquet of red (cloth) poppies
--- sketch of AHS by Yusof Ghani
----Quran hantaran (big font, easier on the eyes)
----- wooden white table lamp (gift from colleagues)
5 things I like to do
- Read a good book
-- (window) shop at KLCC with AHS
--- take slow drive to nearby places
---- prepare a good meal for fuss-free friends and relatives
----- talk to my mak
5 things I am doing now
- typing this ( :))
-- reading 'Lost History'
--- Sorting out clothes (normally done before Ramadhan)
---- renovate new house
-----monintoring (2) nieces' progress in education
5 people I want to tag
Any volunteers?
Can't get anyone.
Must learn how to do this.
Must get to know more bloggers better.
Next round -- was fun!

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D said...

Oh dear, you keep cloves in your wallet??? Hmmm... so they say it also keeps your *ehem-ehem* sweet smelling!! Ahaks...

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