Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Oil Debate

It was a good thing-- having the debate. As Datuk Shabery said: there wouldn't have been the debate if it was under the previous management team. Anwar was exceptional, I feel; no longer the shouting Anwar I used to know (even when presenting the Belanjawan). I used to cringe when he spoke so loudly when he was the DPM, when he addressed any crowd at all. His approach last night was aimed at the people, for, what should any government fight for, if not for the people, to quote him. He had substance, and he delivered it.

I am not his supporter, far from it; neither am I passionate about the current management team of the country. But after his release from the Sg. Buloh prison, I have not heard him speak, until last night. As soon as the cameras focused on him, I... sympathised with him and his plight. This was a man who was fighting for what he felt was right; someone who has been wronged. I felt tears looming for a reason that was beyond me. I prayed that both would be civilised and curteous; and they were. I hoped that they would do well; and they did. Shabery should do more research, true, but perhaps he was told not to veer from certain points -- I don't know. He poked at Anwar's past 'mistakes' and Anwar took it in stride ( I like his facial expression). Did Anwar say they (Pakatan) will support the government if they did what was suggested by Anwar? Hmm... that we have to see. I've never really listened to Shabery speak, but from last night, he was ok. He could have done better.


U.Lee said...

Hi Jooli, for 22 years we hardly read about Malaysia...past 7 days and today, another half page about Anwar, your DPM, as well other day about the Mongolian model.
For our Canadian papers to have this story....and hardly anything on the coming Olympics must be something serious going on.
Anyway. I have met Anwar long time ago...he is a brilliant man, a smart strategist too.
I have lost touch with Malaysian politics, but I think Anwar is the man to watch...Lee.

jooli said...

Malu.Not the kind of affairs we want the world to know Malaysia by, Lee. Met a friend who came in from Toronto (migrated there some years back)and he mentioned how Malaysian politics have changed. There's a silver lining somewhere, I hope.

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