Thursday, 21 August 2008

Negara Ku

Malaysia at 51: she hasn't done too badly, but could have been better. Politics-wise. The people are generally still very, very nice; the country still beautiful.

As a student many years ago, and now as a working adult, I look forward to Hari Kebangsaan as a day for rest (These days, rest from driving to and from work. However, the chores at home still remain). This time, 31st August falls on Sunday, which bestows Monday a public holiday. Yeayy!

I never thought of myself as being patriotic -- until some foreigner said something about Malaysia -- and I bristled. I don't go fighting physically for my country, but I think I would, if I have to. I would never fly the Jalur Gemilang (or any other flag)upside down. It just shows bad upbringing and lack of basic decency. A common vandal, Singing the Negara Ku can bring tears to my eyes, or seeing anyone intently and proudly singing their own National Anthems.

I love patriotic songs: they are catchy and short. In addition, they are sung full of spirit and not in those voices pretending to be coy and sexy (see why I love ABBA?). I remember listening to the booming voice of 'Pakcik Jamal' singing patriotic songs on radio all those years ago. I also believe all radio stations should play patriotic songs, especially in August.

I still catch Merdeka Parade on tv, while doing the chores, though. I admire those who can speak Malay without code-switching (Datuk Shahrir is good). I look up to people who know the history of Malaysia (Datuk Khoo Kay Kim -- naturally, my aunt, and Zainab, an ex-colleague). I need to brush up on my pool of knowledge about Malaysia.


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