Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I phoned a friend, K, yesterday and we talked for quite awhile. Although we went to different schools, some of my primary school friends went to the same boarding school as she did, at secondary level, in Kuantan. So I mentioned to K that I had met up with a few friends from primary school on 29th August. S. Anita, whom K knows was there. I had organised the gathering, giving those whose contacts I had a two-week notice, suggesting to those who are working to apply for leave. We didn't have time-- Ramadhan was just around the corner. Since many were not sure of being able to make it, I suggested Nandos, KLCC as the meeting place, 1p.m. Six of us were there, and it was a very delightful meeting, so delightful that we are going to meet up again, this time in Kuantan, on 3rd Raya, inshaAllah.

We chit chatted from one topic to another. And before I hung up, I thought that it would be nice to 'berpesan-pesan', as this is the month of Ramadhan. For among the essence of Islam is for Muslims to remind each other of good/ beneficial things. So I mentioned to K that I was listening to the radio that morning and there was a talk about Ramadhan by an ustaz. In his talk in the wee hours of the morning, he mentioned that Ramadhan is a month for the muslim ummah. I'd heard of that before, but, what does it mean?

What the ustaz said made an impact on me, it made my brain spin on how I have wasted my chances, but at the same time I was glad that I heard the talk now, in the early days of Ramadhan.

Generally, the ustaz mentioned that in Ramadhan, the month for the ummah, all prayers are answered. Amazing. MashaAllah. Allah would ask the malaikats: (among others) who have asked? who have asked for taubat? for He will listen and grant what we ask for. Really, we are such a fortunate ummah, to be so special, as to have a whole month to ask and ask and ask for whatever we want to. And He will give. We just have to believe it and be patient.

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D said...

yes, that's so so true... I used to be a little embarassed for always asking and asking from Him when I didn't really do my part as a Muslim. But then again, I realised, life is a journey (towards the hereafter) and it is full of trials and tests. We ARE supposed to humble ourselves, and ask from Him - no other. Thus, being an obedient servant IS essential, and in order to become one, we ASK Him to make us one. Simple and unbelievably true.

thanks for sharing!

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