Monday, 20 April 2009

Breathing again

It was a pleasant weekend, partly because (this part of) my work will soon be complete, and I can look forward to less hectic schedule for a week or two. I brought some work home and managed about 5% of it. It felt good. Completion was not my aim; but I met my KPI.
It was a good weekend because the weekly couldn't come. So it was less hectic for me for if she had turned up, I would have found myself something to do as well. I only did the vaccuuming. I decided to let things 'rot' so to speak.
So, AHS and I had a leisurely breakfast on Saturday, at a stall in Keramat. I had mee hoon rebus while AHS, roti canai and sugar. We then headed to pasar Keramat -- AHS to the meat and poultry section, while I, the veggies. Next, it was storing time at home. By about noon, we drove to the LRT station in Jelatek to go to KLCC, which we hadn't been in several months. Lunch was at Chilli's. It was teeming with patrons; many were young families. There was a good mix of nationalities, I would say. While waiting for the food, I found peace and calm in watching from the restaurant's windows the different formations of the fountains outside KLCC. AHS found peace and calm in the billiards shown on tv.
After the good food, we traipsed upstairs to Kinokuniya. AHS was looking for books on Islam or Islamic thought; while I headed to the Arts and Craft section, looking for a belated birthday present formy niece. This time, I thought I was going to get her interested in craft. The books in that section cost a bomb! In the end, I bought a book on Bonsai for my mother for RM19.90 and a collection of essays and articles written by the late A. Samad Ismailfor RM 25.00.
We then headed towards Galeri Petronas one floor down, but AHS was distracted by the tvs in the electrical shop. So we spent around 20 minutes till I got bored and said goodbye to AHS and started walking away. We were then back on track to see Eng Tay's exhibition. It was good, and he'll be making more money in this economic slump. His paintings have got his own style to it; that't one of the secrets. Straightaway you'd know it's his piece. His paintings are of more vibrant colours than those I've seen before. His etchings are what I adore. I must find out more about this technique.
Sunday's breakfast was fried mee hoon; which I had not made in quite awhile. I broke a little sweat after breakfast working in the garden. Then it was a quick hop to the daughter's. When we arrived, I, 2+ was having a picnic with her toys under the porch, while K, 4, was in the kitchen, helping mama with the butter cake. The rest of the clan was still either asleep or in their different stages of waking up. Our legs of lamb properly thawed, we started marinating them. A couple of weeks earlier, we had an aqiqah for baby R; so the lamb.
AHS and I left the lamb for daughter to roast for dinner, while we drove home for lunch. Dinner was a delicious Algerian affair and the grandchildren were well-behaved. I had bought balloons earlier: two types: the normal ones and those that darts away making the farting noise; which was a hit with the children. We left at close to 9, leaving the parents to settle the already hyper children. It was a pleasant weekend.


D said...

sounds like it was more than pleasant! :)

glad you're back to breathing..

jooli said...

It was, actually more than pleasant, alhamdulillah.

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