Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I feel very happy today for numerous reasons. Some of them:
1) I have finally done the e-filing! With the help of a LHDN officer. The server was getting to be terribly slow, and after awhile it simply refused to move to the next page. A call to the helpful person and it was done. Alhamdulillah.
2) So, this means I can hop to the MPH distributors sale in Section 13!
3) I'm also glad that Lat is being feted. Many articles and activities revolving him and his sketches are being featured. Even the MPO are having a special performance this weekend on Lat's Kampung Boy. Sometimes Malaysians will give recognition when the deserving person is long gone.
4) I'm happy that I have learnt to create 'group' in Facebook. I'll try and get family members to facebook. I'll be doubly happy if my 'link' practise works. I'm trying to link Lat and MPO in number 3. And facebook too . Hope it works.

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jooli said...

I sur am doubly happy!

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