Monday, 18 May 2009

The Bicycle

I arrived home from work on Friday and saw a bicycle, red and white Shimano, standing just inside the front door. Then I saw AHS peering, smiling, from his chair. AHS had been talking about getting a bike: a basikal bodoh (one you'd find at the gym) or a proper one. The first thing I said was 'It needs a chain'. I had been telling him not to hurry, but he said 'the body needs exercise'.

Since we got back from haj, we have not taken our walks; mainly because of AHS' problem with his Achilles tendon. I suggested swimming, since Kelab Darul Ehsan is not 5 minutes' drive away. He gave a feeble excuse. So, AHS has been cleaning the cars and sweeping the front porch for exercise. I could have suggested a multitude of other house chores for him to do in order to exercise, but I was too nice.
So, at about 6 p.m. that day, he set off on his bike, 5 rounds down Jalan 2 and up Jalan 4. before he went, I suggested for him to get a helmet and knee pads, and a bell. AHS' considering track bottoms. Hey, bicycles used to come with a front light, a bell, a lock and mudguards! But AHS had me in mind when buying his new toy: the seat can easily be adjusted up or down by pulling a user-friendly lever. And both wheels can be easily taken out too. So therefore we need 2 chains, in case we need to stop somewhere.
I'm looking forward to this afternoon, when I hope to try the bike.

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