Monday, 22 February 2010

Sixth Day

The Chinese are superstitious. Certain numbers are supposed to bring prosperity, while others could spell disaster. Thus many would marry on an 'auspicious' date. This year, 10th October will surely see many Chinese couples tying the knot.

A girl born in the year of the Tiger may not be a good life partner, for 'obvious' reasons. Feng shui may be a boon to some(the Feng shui masters?) or a bane to others (architects?). 

Saturday saw hubby and I trotting to a nice hotel in town, having accepted an invitation by a friend for yee sang. It's a nice, uppity hotel and I felt lighthearted. As we told our friends when they arrived later, hubby and I got 'ong', for as soon as we arrived, we could hear the doom-doom-cher of the drums and cymbals of the lion dance starting. There were three lions altogether, all manouvered by teenage boys. All were very nimble prancing away on the narrow beams, some at least six feet high. One young performer fell, though, the poor thing; but he quickly scrambled to his feet and climbed into position in no time at all. I myself prefer dancing dragons to lions. They are more regal, I feel.
So, here are some pictures of the yee sang and dim sum we had on the sixth day. Yee sang is believed to usher good luck: the higher you toss the ingredients, the better.

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