Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Truly Welcome Break

It was a welcome break: 26th October 2011. We did not get any invites to our Hindu friends' houses and so we did our own thang.

After our normal breakfast of oats and toast (I'm not the type of wife who'd work up a sweat in the kitchen for breakfast)we took a 2 minute drive to Taman TAR and parked our car outside the Taman Ehsan mosque.
Masjid Darul Ehsan

In reality, the slope is pretty steep

Parking there was on purpose, as we could have parked outside of Kelab Darul Ehsan; but we wanted the more punishing incline. I felt so happy when AHS suggested going for a walk there, instead of making the usual round around our housing area. The only minus point about walking around the Kelab is the macaques. So I brought my stick.

However, I was the minority. True enough there was a handful of them but I have never heard of any untoward incident of the simian attacking anyone. But I just couldn't stop the palpitations in my heart when we had to pass one that was sitting in the middle of the road. I brought my camera, but was too afraid to take a picture of the macaque 'posing' calmly as we walked by. 

I don't think the tyre swing was hung there for humans.

There were people from all walks of like: the old and slow, the fast and sprinting, the bow-legged, the agile, the serious, the talkers and the once in awhile: hubby and I.

A work of art.

After the good workout, it was kopi Malaysia time. Bring on the mid-week breaks!

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