Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Coincidences in Life

I am sure all of us have experienced the coincidence of meeting someone (who we have not met in ages)almost at the very instance we think of them. And this sometimes happen to us with the same person. For instance with me, it's Julinda. I might be thinking of how long it was since we last lunched together and soon, she would phone.

Another time was when I met this young man from Afghanistan whose name was Sebghatullah. I mentioned that it was an unusual name; it must mean something? Yes ma'm; it means colour, in Arabic. Interesting, I replied. Lo and behold, that very night, after maghrib prayer, I read the Qur'an and sibghatullah was in one ayat. I call this kind of experience my 'little miracles'.

I posted a few photographs on this blog yesterday and gave it the title 'Life'. I had no certain aim for the blog, but to share the photos which were quite carefully chosen of simple things that can make your day.

Anyhow, this morning while in the photocopy place at work, I met a colleague who gave me a copy of a poem he wrote some time ago. What was placed in my hands was a poem called 'Life'. Now, how's that? I quite like it, and a couple of hours later phoned Mr Param for his permission to share it. Here it is, in parts:

I am not in utter disbelief, because I know this happens.

Yet again, today, as is my habit, I browse some favourite news portals and stopped at 'Will Piers' tabloid past...' on The Independent . It soon lost my interest and my eyes wandered to the left corner of the screen to Top 10 Worst Lyrics of all Time. And top of the list is 'Life' by Des'ree.

And here is my hydrangea which threatened to die but has really beat the odds.

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