Thursday, 17 May 2012

Yet another new start?

I suppose I need a new spurt of energy to start a new blog; but to make it relevant and regular is an immense feat for someone who does not feel the need to get connected once I park my hatchback into the driveway.

For what I'll do is to lovingly look acroos the 10 by 75 feet of green patch. I might peer closer to the long and lively bamboo in the corner and see which area a shoot has emerged. Or check on whether those insects are still there.

Yes, I'd measure the rate of growth of the shoots: how fast they grow!

I might utter encouraging phrases to my amaryllis to get them to show off their wonderful florets.

For all my exhaustion of a whole day at the office will suddenly be lifted if they flower.

I would then step into the 22 by 20 hall and see my husband. I'm lucky if he has made tea. Otherwise it will be me walking the whole length to the kitchen to make two mugs of tea and probably get some crackers out. We would sit in front of the tv and watch the CNN or BBC or Al Jazeera while catching up with what had happened with each other earlier in the day.

I'd pray asr and don my cooking garb and toil away in the very small kitchen for about an hour. A quick shower ensues and after maghrib, it'll be dinnertime. We would chat a little, or watch a programme on tv or perhaps a relative might pop in.

By 9.30, I'd be almost incoherent.

So the next best thing for me to do is to continue with this blog, but give it a little makeover by calling it differently --- randomly, but relevant, I hope.

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