Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Eid 1433

Allahuakbar walillahil hamd!

The first day of Eid has always been celebrated at our place. The children and grandchildren came and a few other relatives and friends. However, this time I was blessed with having a friend from primary school dropping by, with her three sons. The boys were so curious.

Asad asked a lot of questions like: Is that a turtle? It's a tortoise, I said. Why a tortoise? Why not a cat or a dog? What does your tortoise eat?

Aiman was equally inquisitive: Aunty, was mummy a disaster in school?

I enjoyed their company.

This time, it was the usual ketupat, rendang and lemang (Pak Ali).

Second day was travelling to Kuantan, Tapioca Hill, to my parents'. My nieces and nephews are bigger and they have been a great help in the kitchen.

Here are pictures of this part of Kuantan from the 19th floor of the Zenith.

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