Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Putrajaya People

Putrajaya is Malaysia's civil servant hub. It likes to be different from any other enclaves in Malaysia, but the precincts there are also plagued by parking woes and messy signage. However, a lot of space is allocated to offices, leaving areas free from traffic on weekends and public holidays, but I hear getting food is rather a nightmare for the civil servants there on weekdays.

I have just a learnt a few more entrances to Putrajaya being familiar only with the entrance near the wetlands before this. When driving, the circular road around the hillock (the biggest roundabout in the world, I've just learnt) housing the Istana Melawati and the Shang is nerve wrecking. The traffic that goes round it is always at madness speed. I once had to make one full turn before I could get on the outer lane!

Recently, I had the chance to be in Putrajaya again and this time spent several hours on that hill. Don't the Putrajaya people have it good?

I entered the maze of pathways from here, and straightaway could smell the lovely sweet smell of... can it be the tembusu?

I saw people going for their walks alone, in pairs and with their family... refreshing.

I could spy on the people across if I had wanted to... booorinng.

There are wakafs for people to rest a bit, do more exercise, have a picnic... do whatever.

Seats are aplenty.

There were many people working there: mostly foreigners, as evident from their conversations.

The plants and flowers were lovely.

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