Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Water, water, but not a drop to drink

There was -- more than a drop. But the irony is that our taps ran dry for about six hours last night, even when the newspapers and the news featured stories of the KL floods. Sad, but true. AHS and I had to apologise to our host for not being able to attend her function, for it was raining very heavily on the evening of 10th June. I'm glad for the decision, for otherwise we might have been one of the many who were caught in the 'mud river'. I sympathise with those struck by the calamity.

Do we really need to divert rivers? Couldn't we just work around them? When I was travelling with my father on the old road from Kuantan to KL many years ago, I asked him why the road was so winding. He said that the road had to follow the way the river flowed. I accepted that. And now I believe that was one of the wisest things people at that time did-- to work 'hand-in-hand' with nature. Just don't challenge it.

How we havebecome more advanced, but at the same time be more traumatised by what nature is capable of, I lament. It is like the weather was waiting to test the SMART tunnel. And it failed.

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