Friday, 10 August 2007

Around the world

I was reading a book (by Kirn and Hartman) and came across these laws that are enforced in various countries. Quite interesting:

a) In Kaunas, Lithuania, one can ride up the elevator but one must always walk down. Only three exceptions are allowed every day. (Not a totally bad regulation, I think).

b) In Warsaw, Poland, it is against the law to do sit-ups or push-ups in a bus inside the city. (Hmm... no chance of doing such things in KL: the buses are always packed).

c) In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, it is illegal for a person to spit on other people on the street. (Ok, fair enough).

d) In Bangor, Maine, you cannot put money into another car's parking metre -- even to help another driver. If you do, you will have to pay a fine.(!!!)

e) In Oslo, Norway, if you break a traffic law, you must pay a fine to the police officer there and then. You will also be given a receipt. (I'd like to see our police emulate this.)

Have a good weekend everybody.

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