Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Most of the time I love children. I have more than 30 (too lazy to count and put the exact figure) nephews and nieces. I've seen it all, so to speak. I love them all. We haven't had any experience with those in the terrible teens and I hope they will not be victims of their raging hormones. I hope they love me too for I can be cranky when I choose to.
I especially love them from when they are about 3 months old (I cannot connect with days-old babies: they don't communicate) till the time they start schooling, when I feel I love them a little less. Then they somehow use a 'different' language. I in fact pity them, the poor things: having to wake up so early, riding on the bus to school, doing tons of homework ...

Last weekend I had AHS' grandchildren over. They are so much fun and terribly smart. But they tire us so much. As soon as they open their eyes around 7 a.m, they are a whirl of unbridled energy. One would be feeding the cats, one would be trying to wash the cars and one would be asking me questions like, "you go work?", "why you go work?" "you tay home?" There was just no need to clear up any mess, as the house would a shipwreck again in no time.

So we took them to feed the fish at KDE. That was a battle: we had to restrain them from pouring fish food into the pond at one go. Then we went upstairs and K went "evybaaaaaady! Where evybaaady!" at the top of her voice. When she saw people at the swimmig pool, she headed that way and the other two followed suit. They wouldn't budge from the pool area so we had to literally drag them. This was expectedly followed by resistance. They were quite confident, wagging their little forefingers at us saying "No" in the most authoritative way. One would think they were in charge. It really was hilarious. We finally managed to bundle them off into the car. There were tears, but not for long, thankfully.

Wonder why I'm not a mother. Perhaps I'd be too good with all the training I'm constantly getting.

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D said...

Aww... those lil angels must've been good to you!

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