Wednesday, 26 September 2007

'For Some People It's A Castle'

Our house is progressing pretty well and I'm rather pleased. Nevertheless, there are already possibilities of improving, by way of renovations -- maybe twenty years down the road. Right now, as I mentioned earlier, I'm pleased. We stuck to basic stuff: white or off white colours and wood. Initially we wanted Mediterranean/ Spanish effect. Well, that may come later, in the furniture. Even so we are not buying much of it, taking with us whatever we can. We've just booked a smallish but classic dining table which is simply elegant, and a couple of chairs at quite a bargain. AHS doesn't really like my old rubber wood one, which I bought at a secondhand shop almost ten years ago.

Yesterday, AHS asked me to choose paint colour for the interior. He seemed to approve. Basically, I chose shades of white such as orchid white and apple white. The spare room (for the maid) actually got my choice colour: vineyard, ie. green. The guest room: milford sound, ie. blue. The dining area's colour is called chocolate mist. I tried not to be daring. AHS always joked about the walls of my apartment: bright orange (I got the paint mixed at Handimart) and fluorescent green, at right angles. There were lilac and pinks as well. I remember having a gala time painting from one wall to another.

Now we have to work on the kitchen cabinets. I'll strive not to have too many unwanted things lying about, when we move in. Maybe this time the predominat style would be minimalistic. I don't know- time will tell.

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