Friday, 5 October 2007

Trials and Tribulations

I feel that I've been drained of a lot of energy the whole of last week. There is just so much to do before we break for Eid-- at home and at work. AHS also decided to invite guests over for iftar but both of us prefer to break fast at home -- we feel more relaxed and can take our time for prayer and all. I also wanted to do extra in the spiritual department, since its coming towards the end of Ramadhan. When I stopped to ponder the hadith that says something like: 'if you only knew the benefits of Ramadhan, you would want the whole year to be Ramadhan', I shudder to think how little I have done. What I've done in Ramadhan doesn't in the least bit reflect the greatness of this month as mentioned in the hadith.

On to a different tangent, finding out about D's husband was a shock. I pray Mr. D gets better. Lately, so many people that I know are having cancer. A colleague had her breast out recently and now undergoing chemo. It is taxing on the person. Azean Irdawaty, a friend's sister, has been very brave. The wife of our contractor is in hospital for treatment. He still whistles while laying the wooden flooring. A friend's daughter has been fighting cancer and spreading awareness among the younger generation about the illness.

All of these people are very brave. It's their dugaan from the Almighty. I don't know how I'd be able to handle the situation if it was me facing the problem; be it as the patient or the patient's relative.

To them, my respect and best wishes.

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