Monday, 5 November 2007

Moving Things

The last couple of weeks were spent alternating between mental exercise at work and physical exhaustion of moving house. Actually, it was moving things (left in one room) from my apartment in USJ to our new house in Ampang Jaya. First it was the helper and I packing things into boxes. That was on Sunday (28th Oct). Then on Tuesday we had the lorry people as well, to move whatever furniture to Ampang. I left a few, though, like my bed and dining table, since we would not have space for them at our small house.

On the way to USJ, I had planned to throw out a lot of the stuff. I read somewhere that if you don't use whatever you have kept in the last six months, you very well don't need it; and I was determined to follow that rule. I had actually forgotten what was left behind a couple of years ago. However, when I got there, I felt that I had discovered a treasure trove. So I'll be sorting stuff out very, very slowly.

In fact, I started sorting out last weekend -- boy, have I got a lot of Tupperware. I also was in a phase when I detested anything 'branded' and I mixed and matched dinnerware. I don't know whether AHS can live with that. We'll see.

Next, we'll be bringing our stuff from Sri Ukay to the new place -- perhaps next week. Then it will be the period of trying to settle in; what to put where and the works. In three months time I hope we will be settled in and I can work on the garden a bit.

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U.Lee said...

Hi Jooli, I took a wrong turning somewhere and ended here your place.
Nice blog you have.
You write very well too.
Noticed you love fountains? Me too.
Bet you know the song, "Three coins in a fountain"?
Anyway, just cannot come by not leaving my footprints, ha ha. You keep well, Jooli, UL.

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