Friday, 30 November 2007

Our new nest

Alhamdulillah, it's been more than a month since we moved into our new home. It has not been easy moving from a bigger house to a tiny one. But that was what we wanted -- just a small pad enough for two. We are still making adjustments to the limited space -- especially for storage.

All in all, we had three loads of a 1 tonne lorry, not to mention the many trips by car to transfer our things. Then, slowly we opened the boxes to store their contents. Up to today, things still get moved, re-sorted, re boxed or given away. Most of the stuff given away have been books -- something I was very possessive about; but am now slowly 'releasing' them.

The experience was more than wonderful -- we agreed with each other on a lot of things (where to put what: there wasn't much choice anyway); but argued on a number (whether or not proper curtains should be ordered, or live with an assortment of ikats as curtains). We've had a number of friends and relatives who have dropped by. We also had a neighbour who simply walked into the house right up to the kitchen, showing her daughter our house! She has since been nicknamed Mami Jarum by AHS' son-in-law. I wish I could post pictures of the house on this blog but I lack the know-how. Soon, perhaps, when I have more time to muck about with technology.

The garden has taken shape, with plants gladly given by my parents (kantan, kesum, salom, serai, hydrangea). All of them are doing well. The helper also added tapioca and sweet potatoes to the collection. Besides those, we also planted a bamboo tree, and some palms. The red hibiscus and curry tree are the original occupants there. Next in line will be daisies, which I hope to get from my mother on our next trip to Kuantan.

What I want to be able to do is to stay at home for a full day, just to potter around.

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