Thursday, 27 December 2007

A Death In The Family

I haven't had much time to blog or even browse. But now I write with a heavy heart. I don't know how many (or few) people read my posts, but I have to write about my beloved niece's (Aiman's) passing.

I received news from my crying mother about Aiman's death morning of 19th December. She had called earlier, but I was outside, busy with the sheep we would sacrifice the next day. I then called Aiman's elder sisters who confirmed the news. Next, I called my siblings. Almost everybody was in the midst of Eid preparations. I myself had just started boiling the ketupat and had already ran the recipe for kuah kacang, rendang and sambal tumis to my helper. She was to do the rest on her own.

Aiman was no more. I remember her as a little girl that I loved -- I lived with her family for about two years when I was just starting out. That was 18 years ago. I remember peeping into the room where my sister had put her so that my sister could have dinner. I saw this 3 month old baby gurgling away by herself, arms and legs actively 'busy'. I was amazed at Allah's creation, who, at that age could be so alert. I had wanted to pick her up but was told not to, in case she became clingy later on. I remember asking my sis whether I could keep Aiman, but she would not hear of it.

After I left the family to stay with friends, I would still visit them whenever I could. The last I met Aiman was during last Eidul Fitri, a couple of months ago. That was the time we had the children go round and round 'salam' the elders for forgiveness and duit raya. Otherwise, the adults would all be ready to give and the children had only to make a single round. That time, the adults weren't very ready. Aiman gladly went round, like the other smaller children. I also gave her a book 'Life Is an Open Secret' by Zabrina.

Her cousins were touched when we helped to bathe and kafan her . She passed away at about 11am and we buried her right after asr. My parents arrived from Kuantan after maghrib. Aiman had nothing to her name -- I saw the little that covered her -- but I believe she is at a better place now.

It is always difficult to see your loved one go before you.


D said...


what happened to Aiman? Tell me more. How did it happen?

snoop day said...

innallillahi wainna ilaihirgajiiuun. Semoga Allah mencucuri rohnya. @el

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