Thursday, 24 January 2008

So who runs our country?

Can anyone tell me? In some countries it's the First Ladies who run the show. Over here?

Since the infamous VCD cropped up, I can't help but wonder. Others behind the scenes of politics seem to have a lot more say with what to do with whom. Imagine ... only an utterence from a certain someone and things will happen (quote: 'pom, pom, pom' unquote). A character with money can put others 'in place', wrapping those in power around his fingers, with handphones and bags! No wonder documents go 'missing' right under people's noses and so there's not enough evidence to nab wrongdoers.

The scary thing is that those people involved know the law. The disgusting thing is that many are ready to lie. The next thing to do is to vote carefully when the time comes. You don't want to vote people to go romping about in hotel rooms with someone other than their wives and then talk to you about integrity and morality. However, would whomever you vote for turn out to be the same in the long run, with handphones and bags dangled before their eyes? I don't know.

So what kind of leaders would I vote for this time? Do I have a choice? Is it at all worthwhile going out to vote?

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