Monday, 4 February 2008

An Uncommon Man

I went with AHS to Universiti Malaya 31st January amid impending flu. I could feel it coming, with the eyes already heavy and the body slightly aching . AHS was already sneezing and having a bad throat. But he drove me to work in the morning, had a nap in my office and went home after the traffic eased a bit. By 3 pm he was already back, all dressed in his black and white. The occasion was organized by UM and The Inner Temple Alumni Association, in remembrance of the late Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abdul Malek bin Ahmad, a great person, not in size, but in character.
I myself only met him one time only when he organized lunch for us just after AHS and I got married. Little did I know then, that he would lapse into the illness he was suffering from and he never recovered. Little did I know too, that he touched so many people's lives and how people could (and should) learn from the ethics that he lived by. He was, though jovial and ever smiling, a n0-nonsense person when it came to work and when it came to justice. Even before his death I had heard many talking very well of him, the meticulous person that he was, on top of being an efficient judge.
Reading the messages in the programme book, I came across this quotation by the late Tan Sri, which made me reflect upon myself, "...It has also been said that a kind and patient man who was not a profound lawyer might make a far better judge than an ill-tempered genius." I must say that it applies to all, not just to judges.
I wondered, during the ceremony, how I would be remembered by those I have met in my lifetime. I smiled ruefully. For AHS, I have had his friends telling me (beyond AHS' earshot) that I am a lucky person to be married to him; 'He's a friend you'll never forget', 'he's really a nice person, take good care of him' and 'jaga dia ni baik-baik, susah cari orang macam dia'. I agree with them.
Anyway, it was the kind of ceremony I like: brisk, straight to the point (with relevant and good speeches) and on time.
A quote from the Acting President Malaysia Inner Temple Alumni Association, who quoted (with adaptation) W.B. Yeats;

"Earth, receive an honest guest,
Abdul Malek bin Ahmad is laid to rest."


D said...

I'm not in the best of moods and been trying to catch up with bloghopping. Some entries have made me shed tears (like the grieve of a mother who had a miscarriage), and though I do not know this Abdul Malek Ahmad, it brought the same effect.

Jooli, be rest assured - you will be remembered well by those who know you on this planet called earth because you are a good person, if not great.

jooli said...

that's too generous a comment. But thanks. Made my day.
You'll never forget the one you love, I'm certain. I can feel AHS thinking about his late wife, even when I am there for him now! But that just shows he's human.

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