Monday, 10 March 2008

Winds of Change

Change is difficult, since we are creatures of habit. But sometimes change is good: it gives variety to an otherwise mundane existence. In Islam, positive change is always referred to as hijrah -- something needed, once in awhile. And from the recent polls, Malaysians want change, for the better. It seems like Malaysians are voting along racial lines. It is not just the Indians are peeved by the way they feel they have been treated, the Chinese are showing they aren't happy either. In fact, the Malays should show in a bigger way that their rights aren't being looked after.
After these years, we are saying, "BN, wake up." BN should have taken the landslide victory bestowed four years ago to pare down those who have not done their jobs well. Get old stooges who have rested on their laurels out of the way before they become a liability (Sg. Siput). Keng Yaik did it, but it could not help Gerakan. But that is another issue.Those who have been prettying themselves up should not be made Menteri Besar or Menteri as they should not have the time to go for facials, with so much work still undone (Sg. Panjang can still reform). MPs who have been accumulating wealth and drive the latest beemers should not have contested. Singers should not be the gimmick in their campaigns (Lembah Pantai should have known people do not want to party all the time). Nik Aziz's residence is practical and he doesn't waste time launching expensive outlets at new, redundant shopping malls. I don't know how Kit Siang lives, but I hope he does not have a mansion in an exclusive area in town. Wakil Rakyat after all must mewakili rakyat!
What would be interesting is to see how the Barisan Alternatif work together for the people who have chosen them. If I remember correctly, they are wont to bickering among themselves. I'd like to find out how they are going to reduce the price of petrol when it is escalating elsewhere in the world. I'd like them to share their plan to set the base salary at RM1.500.00. I demand an increase too, if that happens, for it will only be fair. I wonder if Kedah will have the gambling outlets closed down and have buses specially for the womenfolk. I'd look forward to those buses.
So, it is the time to work, YBs (now why not drop that YB prefix?). Stop living high on the hog and get down to grassroot level. Pak Lah, it starts with the man in the mirror.


U.Lee said...

Hello Jooli, so nice to have you visit after much ayer has flowed down Sg. Gombak, ha ha.
The election results certainly surprised us ex-Malaysians here, our topic for conversation past few days.
It was a shock to read KL, Selangor gone to opposition. My time the only seat the opposition could win was Bukit Bintang, by Lee Lam Thye.
To read Penang, Perak and Kedah lost by BN, I guess there must be a lot of unhappy people with BN's work.
I guess they sure got a real double alarm clock wakeup call this time.
Lets hope the opposition will walk the talk now that they sapu these 5 prized trophies.
You have a good day, Jooli, and keep well.
Hope to have you drop by bila senang. Take care, Lee.

jooli said...

U. lee
I don't know if the opposition will walk the talk -- they are politicians too, after all. (That sounds so pessimistic, doesn't it?) What all parties hould do now is to sit down, take a deep breath, pray for guidance and start working, leaving their differences behind. That's my 2-sen. OK-- no more politics talk from me for awhile.
Have a good weekend!

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