Friday, 15 February 2008

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It's the talk of town, with everybody having an election story which are almost always negative: Will there be change even if we vote?/ Nak pilihanraya je, pecah tanah sana, pecah tanah sini/ Only now my ADUN is coming to visit our area. If he had started 5 years ago, he wouldn't be panting so hard/ and so on... Is it the same in other countries, I wonder -- that people are not satisfied with the powers that be and the elections authority? As AHS said last night, everybody thinks he can do a better job. (And some think they had done a better job)

This time I feel that the atmosphere is 'not there' -- or is it 'not yet'? I felt excited before the last elections, taking photographs where there were most flags and banners, even stopping in the middle of going somewhere, just to capture the exhilirating.scene. I remember's DJs, Lil Kev and Fly Guy (where are they now, by the way), wacky as they were, managed to get some intelligent discussion going about the looming elections then. They even sang their version of election jingle. That was good. My cousin's wedding was the night after the elections and we witnessed guests going out and coming back into the reception hall to check the elections results. There would be whispers, and animated but quiet discussion afterwards.

However, I will skip the pages about elections these few days till the contestors' names are announced. Then I will scrutinise who the candidate for my area will be. I guess it will be that same person, doing the same thing, if he were elected again. I don't mind him, or whoever really, BUT GET BETTER THINGS DONE PLEASE!


U.Lee said...

Hello Jooli, Can see you're new to blogging, but hey! You're doing fine. And you very eloquent too.
Re elections, I fully agree with you, the VIPS go MIA once elected. And 1st on their agenda? Increase their pay!
Recently we had a local Government election, and there were several new faces.
My wife and I voted for a gentleman who looked presentable, I voted because he has a gorgeous wife, ha ha.
Anyway, he won. Two days later were we shocked to read in the papers, HE originally from Penang!
Anyway, when I celebrated my birthday on Jan 26th, my 65th birthday, my wife wanted to surprise me and contacted his in Canada, we can get Ministers, even PM to send birthday greetings with their special scrolls.
To get from PM, must be 65 onwards. I got it.
Anyway, this gentleman, he came over to our place in person and personally handed me his birthday card.
When he found out I too a Malaysian excile, we got to talking and joking about old days over coffee. He now a good friend.
He told me, any problems to get in touch with him. And he looking forward to my wife's cooking. Will invite him next day.
Jooli, you can see his birthday card as well from our PM to me about 4 postings ago, Under heading, "Conclusion, Faded Letter". His name is Chin Lee.
Oh ya Jooli, kalu ada time, have a look at a cherita I posted, very long one, 19 episodes, took 3 weeks to conclude, of a matured woman's love for a man half her age. Me!
Under heading, beginning at, "A faded letter from the past".
And before that, there's, "My tears never dry for you", as well, "You are not my son".
I am about to complete my next posting due to many request from my visitors of how this buaya besar met his wife, ha ha. Hope to complete and publish this evening, your morning.
We are 13 hours behind you.
Berjumpa lagi, you have a nice day, Jooli, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jooli, earlier I mentioned about a story of a buaya, but changed my mind, posted another one instead. Lee.

jooli said...

U. lee, my birthday is 29th jan! don't know what that means... just that the two dates are close. Happy belated to you.
Well, that's what an elected representative should do -- get close to those you are representing.
Will back-browse (i don't think there's such a word) your blog.

Man man chou.

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