Monday, 26 May 2008


After a 10-day break from work, I feel a whole lot better -- recharged and ready for the challenges ahead. Don't give me too much stress, though. That was why I took the break -- I was stressed to bits. Anyhow, as I was driving along Jalan TAR on the way to work today (it was stress-free driving too, being a school holiday), I saw a group of primary school students in the process of crossing the road to where a couple of buses waiting across the street. An adult (I'm presuming their teacher) was pressing the knob at the lights and a few other adults were gathering other children from the back. The teacher pressing the knob was smiling away. I couldn't help feeling good witnessing the scene. I have respect for these teachers who dared take charge of the young children on their excursion. It is an undertaking that requires dedication and passion. A whole lot of planning had to be done to ensure everything goes well. It is no mean feat. Bravo to them.

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