Friday, 6 June 2008

What goes up...

'What goes up must come down' -- that's the very optimistic view of Blood Sweat and Tears in their song 'Spinning Wheel'. I hope so, about the soaring prices of everything these days. AHS and I are cutting down on a lot, even when there's just the two of us in our household. The grandchildren are slowly taught about sharing. No longer are we buying 3 (or 4 soon) different presents everytime. Leftovers are given to the birds. And I try to cook just enough; and when I do achieve it, it's a joyous feeling. Trips out for lunch are also trips for shopping and running other errands. I would happily take the public transport if they are regular and would pass by my workplace. I don't want to reach the office looking frazzled from having to walk for 5 km.

I suppose nowadays, people would appreciate getting rice or salt or sugar as a gift, for housewarming or for any kenduri. This is what was used to be given, in the old days. I, for one, would appreciate it.

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