Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Recently, I have felt the need to do 'something else' -- yes, to even have a career change. I discarded the thought very soon after, since I haven't the skill to do much else but what I'm employed for right now. Plus the A G E factor. Hubby, AHS, ventured into different portfolios every 12 years or so: teacher, administrator, lawyer and the legal line. And thus his friends are many.

When I was a lot younger, I wanted to be an architect. The only obstacle that dashed my ambition was math. I also harboured thoughts of becoming a background singer. Why background singer? Why, so that I can do other things when I'm not singing. And think about what songs would sound like without the background singers? I didn't pursue that ambition, but I did participate in many school and university singing events, in the choir.

But above all, I've been wanting to be creative -- to paint, or stitch or do a collage -- things along those lines. It's been a long while since I did any of those activities.

Now why the urge? Perhaps it's going back to Kuantan recently and seeing the placemats embroidered so long ago. And the tatting my mother and my aunt used to do. Or is it because I have now the time to indulge in leisure activities? I guess that's more like it. My lifestyle in the last 3 years or so had been so rushed I've not had much time to get a proper hobby anymore. There was a time when I went orienteering every weekend. It was fun, entering competitions, getting the skills and fitness, and meeting friends. I also used to follow tai-chi (46 steps) at the Lick Hung school in Subang Jaya. I must say I was exemplary!! It was like a dance; go with the flow, so to speak. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience.
So I've been browsing the arty crafty sites and have added two on this blog. I might start on a creative project soon. I'm quite eager to start, but cannot decide on which. The only thing is I want to be able to spend whole days on the project; if I leave it aside for too long, the interest may wane. That's me.

And while typing this post, I remember wanting to do a macrame hanging for my mother's glass balls (fishing buoys, really). The ones she has are really ancient. That will make her happy this Raya.


U.Lee said...

Hi Jooli, the first step is always filled with thoughts. Pass those thoughts and you're on your way to live out your dreams.
I too like your hubby changed jobs or jumped ship, but quicker as I wanted to reach for the stars faster.
Jumped ship almost every two years, one was less than 6 months, but time one step higher the ladder.

When I was in my teens, in Form 5, I used to ride my bike to KL's then Sungei Besi airport and one day noticed a young man carrying a briefcase, in his arm a beautiful, long haired girl.
They were walking to their plane.
I had never sat in a plane then....and it was then I told myself, I want to be like that man, fly somewhere doing business.

And years later, I made my dream come thru, practically flying every two three days on business.

Yes Jooli, go ahead, you still young, live out your dreams. Lee.

jooli said...

Thanks for the thought and advice, U Lee & for saying I'm still young.
I started on something new today! Yippee. Will write about it, once it carries more substance.

Have a wonderful day.

***Jon**** said...

Hi Jooli,
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sometimes you have to give time for yourself and do what You want to do. I did that a few years back. I decided to quit my job. There may be regrets after that, like financially but I have discovered lots of new things, like tatting, which takes most of my time now.

I am glad to read that you are interested to learn tatting. the best way to learn is by joining groups. There aren't many tatters that I know of who tats regularly. So I join several online groups and they open up my eyes on new things about tatting. I hope it will be the same for you.


jooli said...

Jon, did just that yesterday: tried to 'enlist' at SS2; but the person hasn't got back to me yet. But I have started on something else: sashiko. Easy-- to get me started again after the many years of non- crafting.
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good weekend.

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