Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Settled for a recipe...

...or two. At first I wanted to write about what's happening around me, but it will end in politics again -- too bleak and dreary. I also thought of writing on the longest 5 kilometres I ever travelled: last Sunday. It took AHS and I an hour and 40 minutes inching along less than 5 km on MRR2. We turned on the radio hoping for info on the gridlock, but to no avail. AHS then phoned the police who explained about the cracked pillar 28. Oh, not again, I groaned. We spent several millions not 5 years ago to pay the German experts to mend the problem. This time we must do something to the original contractor(s). They can't get away with this shoddy job. Yet, it was another unhappy event to write on.

I finally settled on sharing with anyone reading this post a simple, yet delightful recipe which I tried for yesterday's tea. It was given by a colleague who had a chef from Hong Kong visiting her brother. So for a couple of days, this chef would cook up simple dishes for the household. On to the recipe (without permission):

Some yam, peeled, cleaned and diced.
(Although not in the recipe, I sprinkled some salt over it)
Deep fry the whole thing till golden brown.

Pour out the oil, leaving only a little. Toss in some spring onion -- just the green part (cut to about 1" in length). Stir quickly for just a few seconds. The aroma will tantalise you.
(Low fire please)

Add a spoonful of white sugar, stirring all the time, till it caramelizes. Add the fried yam, still stirring, till it is all coated with the sugar.

Serve with freshly brewed, piping hot, kopi kampung. Yummm...

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