Friday, 24 October 2008

Something to Share

I am now cleaning up my office.

I have just found an old poster given to me years ago by a dear friend and straightaway thought of sharing its contents with whoever is reading this post.

These gems are something to ponder about.



1. What refines man, is work.

2. What kills man before his death, is despair.

3. What is better than knowledge, is experience.

4. What brings man honour and esteem, is modesty.

5. What is more cherished when it is old, is a friend.

6. What gives man tranquility, is the avoidance of envy.

7. What is indeed more profitable than wealth, is wisdom.

8. What is indeed short, however long it may seem, is life.

9. What is indeed too many, however few of it there may be, is enemy.

10. What is indeed too little, however much of it one may have, is faith.

11. What is more horrific than all forms of loneliness, is selfishness.

12. What is sturdier than all other shelters, is the avoidance of sins.

Have a safe weekend!

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