Friday, 17 October 2008

The Holy Land Beckons

The 'test' of Ramadhan has passed, but if I passed it, is another matter: it's entirely up to Him. I am now back at work, and this whole week has been hectic -- but I managed to schedule a visit to the dentist for 1 p.m. yesterday. Yucks! But it had to be done. Now, I will concentrate on my other preparations for Haj. I am not buying many new things-- just whatever's absolutely necessary. Ahh... I feel so unprepared, not like the last time: almost everything was in order.

We have done the medical -- injections and all. Tuesday we attended a briefing by Tabung Haji Travel. That started all the excitement in me, yet I am wary. The last time, I was almost uncontainable in my passion about going. I am afraid the level of my iman (if I can describe it as that) is rather low, being busy with duniawi matters. I've tried to be more patient, but only yesterday I was angry with a driver who was indecisive about which lane she should get into: 'touch n go' or 'tunai'. Grrr. The closer it gets to the date of departure (7th November), the bigger the tests have been. What I need is more patience.

This weekend, AHS and I will camp in Putrajaya mosque for the Kursus Haji Perdana. I need that. As I was reading the book on haj before bed last night, I came across something I have quite forgotten about. When asked, AHS had no clue what it was. We're in trouble! AHS, however, seems cool about going; perhaps he's more patient. I have made a list of things to bring and have taken down the biggest luggage and satrted throwing things in, as soon as I remember them, and crossing out the item in the list. Next week, hopefully I'll sort out the house, room by room. I am thankful our house is tiny.

I just make lots of doa that our trip there, our stay there and our journey back are without any untoward incidents. Hope to get Haji Mabrur.


buyung7 said...

Alhamdullillah.... ur going. Gud that u got the jemputan from Allah. Aminnnnn on the 'Mabrur'. Please pray for all of us here too.

jooli said...

Thanks for the wish Buyung. Will make doa, i'Allah. Getting the sniffles pulak.
Not long now... and so much to do!

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