Friday, 26 June 2009

What If You Had Everything?

"How would it feel to have everything?" a friend asked me.

And, (without meaning to sound flippant) I said, "I have everything."

"No, no," she went on, "I mean, being rich."

"I'm not rich, ah?" I teased her.

Well, I am. Not in millions of dollars or even ringgit. And I do have everything.

I love the little corner house I own. The house is so small it has stopped me from thinking about adding to the furniture. I do not have a dream car. The Gen 2 I drive is an 'upgrade' from my Iswara which I totally adored. The first car I ever bought: on a weekend, after going to a Kursus Haji with a good friend. She helped me with the buying. But my current mean machine is also fine, and was a gift by my generous other half. It sits in the sun almost 24 hours a day and I don't need a 'better' car to do that.

Some husbands worry over their wives wanting better 'things'. I do too, want better things, sometimes, such as handbags and shoes and kitchen utensils and cotton blouses; but wait till the 'thing' is almost on its way to its funeral.

AHS had been asking me to upgrade from my dutiful Nokia 3310 for the longest time. Some husbands, I know would worry over their wives' wanting of 'better' this and that. Last year he gave me some money to get a new mobile phone for my birthday. It's still in the bank. Yesterday, however, he managed to get me to buy a new one.
A week ago I 'surveyed' 4 people I know are quite tech-savvy about the phones they use and what they thought was a good phone to buy. 3 of them use HTC (my sis-in-law even sent me the HTC website) and 1 is using the Blackberry. What was interesting was the amount of time taken for all of them to respond to my questions. They responded in no time at all!
N79: not the latest in the market, I know, but more than good enough for me. I'm still struggling with its functions. I like the camera feature: 5 mega pixel, if I'm not mistaken. So perhaps I will upload some pics onto this blog, once I get round to learning how to do that.
Enjoy the weekend!

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