Monday, 13 July 2009

Tests 1

It was a long time since I took an examination as a student. That was a paper on evaluation, for my Masters degree many, many years ago. I still remember sitting in the examination hall with other classmates, almost all of whom were very much younger. And there was another paper in that examination hall, for undergraduates. Boy, did i feel aged! As I was answering the questions, I wondered to myself what I was doing, still writing exams. The next time around, I chose papers which only offered assignments by way of assessment.
Lo and behold, now that I am working, I still have to sit for examinations. I sat for one about 5 years back. All the questions required 'recall' type of answers. After the test, I mentioned to one of the exam setters about the 'level' of thinking required in the test: recalling; which is the lowest form of thinking skills. I told him that people of my age are better suited for 'application' type questions and higher thinking order types. Hmm, he must have mentioned it to his team members for the test soon took on a different format. I couldn't recall much really, of theories and rules. What I do now in my work is pretty automatic, just like solat. If you ask me the 13 acts that could nullify solat, I can't rattled them off; but I know. Errm... does that make sense?
The whole of last week I sat for a test, at my own pace and time, online. I spent at least an hour a day doing the test. Test-takers could review the questions ahead, prior to taking the test, but the sequence of the items were changed everytime you logged on. Quite clever, in case people worked together. There might also be one or two different questions each time. It was 'open-book' and test-takers could download notes from the note bank. My kind of test.
What was good was that you only had to pass each module, and to make sure you logged up to 13 credit hours. I have just completed my share.
Another thing that is good about the test is that I now browse the modules that I did not attempt and I'm interested to find out more about the company I work at, and the government policies.


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