Friday, 21 August 2009

It's Ramadhan

1st Ramadhan. It is awaited with some excitement and some trepidation. I hope both AHS and I are well throughout the month and can do more tarawih at the mosque (we've been performing ours at home a lot more the last few years).

We plan to go to the Taman TAR mosque Friday nights, whereas weekends we'd probably be at Taman Sri Ukay. The rest; at home: I cannot be rushed! I hope to do better than last year when I felt stresed out for some reason. I hope to read more of the Quran. I also hope not to feel envious of others. I hope to give more, in many, many ways. I hope to be a better person.

I have forgotten (again) to do a lot extra ibadah starting from Rejab, to 'catch' Lailatulqadar. I was only reminded last Friday while listening to Pahang fm (107.5) on my way to meet with friends for lunch. See, how easy it is to forget, even when doing things for our own good?

The first day will see me cooking for the daughter and family. The next day will be her turn. I've got to work 29th Aug, while I'm cooking for the son on 30th. It's his birthday. AHS and I do not hope to get invited to break fast anywhere: we prefer just to be home with our simple needs and ways. It is good to socialise, I know, but I'll save that for Shawwal. It is also good to break fast at the mosque because besides socialising, we can limit our food intake and also get inspired by others. AHS will normally lose 5 kilos by end of Ramadhan. I hope I can, too.

May this Ramadhan be better than the last for all of us. I hope our brothers and sisters in Palestine and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Southern Thai will find more peace this time, and those in Urumqi will not be troubled. I hope the troubles everywhere will go away and no one will face hunger -- for even the few hours of fasting as we do is not easy.

To whoever's reading this post, have a blessed Ramadhan.

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