Tuesday, 18 August 2009

We Learn Something New Everyday

I am glad to be able to upload pictures from the handphone to the laptop. A little late, maybe for some; but not too late for me. I got help from various people: Bloetooth, or upload? So there are pros and cons. Some very young people said, "Infra red is better, madam." And now I know what infra red is.

But I chose to upload using the USB port; it feels safer and I feel more in control.
To conclude: I'm sharing with all the pictures of herbs I have in my garden.


D said...

bravo! just wondering, who downloaded your profile picture? ;)

jooli said...

Me, but that was from a CD (my weding CD!). And my h/phone until recently had been an ancient Nokia; ie: not 3G. So, I'm quite pleased with myself.

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