Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Back Again

I'm back again at writing here. Maybe a lot slower than before!
I'd  made some attempts earlier at making a comeback,  but time was yet again the factor for my 'disappearance'.

Let's see... what happened in between? I am now relocated; in Gombak. How I miss PJ. I feel PJ has the vibrancy and diversity in the 'old' shops, the buildings, the good mix of people. I love driving on the elevated highway, for reasons I know not, and I love the fact that I was expert at changing into the right lanes when I needed to do so. I miss the sights I used to pass by. Now I take the MRR2, of which I feel is 'dangerous'. But, I'm closer to home.

Also hubby, AHS, went to (19/12/09) and returned from haj (22/12/09), this time doing it for his father. Quite a trial, since this time lodging was farther away from Masjidil Haram. Also the rain which was a blessing as well as a trial for the pilgrims. But alhamdulillah, all went well.

And life's really normal, work and home; work and home. The way I like it.  


D said...

Hoorah!! Welcome back - though I might be following suit!

You're in Gombak? Despite technology, believe me, I don't know what's happening back there - heard some people have been transferred to Gombak? Never mind, consider it Hijrah. :)

jooli said...

Thanks for visiting, D. Quite a few are here: Zida was together with me, the mak buyung. I'm getting used to how things are run here. Next week: hols!

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