Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Life, and Death

The living will definitely return to his Maker. This is nothing new, and we experience it within our family and closest circle of relatives and friends. And we too will one day leave this world. It is a scary thought, and sometimes I want to dismiss it. At times, though,  I entertain it and thus start a string of good deeds, which will then slowly be diluted back into the norm of the daily routine.

I watched the telecast of the late Sultan of Johor's burial last Saturday. I am a sucker for these stuff: National Day parade, Pertabalan (the Agung's Installation) and the sort. (And since I can multi-task, I managed to do some ironing at the same time). It was good to see many people, royalty as well as the ordinary there to pay their last respects, so to speak. Every death is a reminder for the living of their turn to leave. What was heartwarming to me was the fact that the late Sultan Iskandar's grandsons were there to accompany the body to the Royal Mausoleum AND be part of those who went into the dug out grave and spread earth over the corpse. They were a handsome lot, I must add; and didn't seem to mind the sweat as a result of the task they undertook.

That is how things should be; not to leave the burial of one's own unto others. The royal boys have set a really good example indeed.  

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