Monday, 8 February 2010

Wakil of Rakyat

Deputy Prime Minister launched the Juara Rakyat programme last weekend, which was covered quite extensively by the media. The BN people, especially so the PM and his deputy seem to work very hard these days, which is good. They should be. They should have been. There have been quite a few initiatives: the Gagasan 1 Malaysia, the KPI project for the ministers, and now the Juara Rakyat programme.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin was asked about the current support for BN. He replied it was gaining the people'support. I don't know. If its only indication is the current troubles that are happening within PKR, I don't think they translate into people's support for BN. If it is indicated by the turnout of the Juara programme, I don't think so either.

The Juara Rakyat programme was held to get BN leaders to get down to the grassroots level and get their hands 'dirty' with the everyday experiences of the people. The Wakil Rakyats have to know what is happening in their constituency, Tan Sri Muhyiddin mentioned.

Now wait a minute. Do they need a programme like this to get closer to the rakyat? Isn't it a given that when you are elected as a Wakil, you work FOR the rakyat? No need for programmes like that. No silk batiks, branded shoes, no colognes nor perfumes when you visit our wet market. No need for make up when you join us at our teh tarik warung (please do something about the drainage system). No red carpet please when you visit schools in Cheruk Paloh. Steer away from where your aides point you to, but go off the beaten track and you may find a child who is too poor to attend school, or an aunty too weak to get medical treatment and the like. Shop where we shop and persevere when you get stuck in our jams.

Haiyya, it's no rocket science. And this piece goes to the PKR and Independent Wakils. And anyone aspiring to be one.

Have a good week!


D said...

Spot on! If only our leaders would take heed to the stories of our khalifahs of the olden days. Snip off the frills and glamour (which are time & money wasters), and InsyaAllah more can be done.

jooli said...

Let's open a training centre for up-and-coming politicians, D. ;D
(Mengada ngada tak?)

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