Tuesday, 9 March 2010

More Sunny News, Please

There hadn't been much good news this couple of weeks -- not in B.N., not in P.K.R.. Not in the weather (in other parts of the world), neither in human behaviour.

But I hope this weekend more cheer will await us; especially the S.P.M. result hopefuls. They must be starting to feel rather anxious now. Not a nice feeling, really. I remember my own anxiety and then relief when the results were finally in my hands. I managed a first grade, but nothing outstanding. My parents weren't particularly proud, I think. But it didn't matter -- then. Nowadays, the scenario is different. The media frenzy, the interviews of excellent students, parents, as well as principals -- all add up to the stress and disappointment of the average students. But never mind, the results never are worse than the last.

I hope parents and teachers have prepared themselves well. If their child does not qualify for the medical faculty, think about other alternatives such as pharmacy, physiotherapy or nursing. If the child is not eligible for a degree course, they should look into a diploma or a certificate course. Technicians are as much in demand as degree holders, if not more so. And don't we all need an electrician every now and then?

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