Friday, 26 November 2010

Wedding of our Youngest

Many parents wait for the moment their children are married off. And how does it feel when they do? Well, my parents must be feeling exactly that; since their youngest son, my brother was married to the love of his life last weekend. That was the groom's side -- the bride's was held on 30th October. Thus sealed the marriages of their eight children.

I was hassled by my mother when I wasn't married at the ripe old age of 40! I wasn't going to just marry anybody that passes my way, no way. But I managed to make her feel relieved not long after that. Yes, I think the feeling that parents have when their child is married is relieved. Not ecstacy, I don't think.

So, everybody pitched in for this wedding: the planning,the execution, the aftermath. The colour themes were set fist -- otherwise, when would we be able to send our bajus to the tailor? Green was the chosen colour for 30th October and purple for 20th November. Things went much easier after that! 

Bunga telur (it was really a gift bag of a muffin and an apple)comes in endless shapes, materials and colour. I remember when I was little, there were bunga telur in the shape of animals (3-D), made of manila card with silver dust sprinkled on them. Then, there were weaved basket ones, plastic baskets; and of course the much worked on family-created ones. Everyone had more time then,to 'gubah' even when they, like us, had 24 hours a day as well. 

Now, though, many would resort to the ones already done in the shops. Although not 'original' they serve a good purpose for those who lack time to tame materials into shapes. Those with more means import from overseas. Ours have always been rather pragmatic. My bunga telur was bahulu and raisins in a pretty paper bag printed with my and AHS' names. My brother's was a muffin and an apple in silver bags; and a pouch filled with sweets for the children. For guests from the bride's side, they got chocolate in a woven container.

Preparing the gifts for bride's side
Preparing the pouch for kids

The fruit basket

About 30 years ago, the hantaran would be composed (gubah) by the aunts and neighbours, and a lot of merry making would ensue weeks prior to the big day. But now, there is less and less of that. Bath towels used to be turned into doves, and sejadah or prayer mats could be turned into masjids or flowers. Oh, those were the days. I wonder what kind of gifts would be exchanged by brides and bridegrooms to come. 

And the following are pictures from my wedding some time ago...

Notice the same alas dulang?

I wish my brother and my sister-in-law the best in their life together. May they find lots of fun and laughter along the way and showered with plenty of blessings and peace, and an abundance of rezki.

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