Thursday, 10 February 2011

Let Them Vent...

...for awhile. It has been some 30 years that the loquacious Egyptians were made to cower in their skins and take whatever that's shoved down their throats.

The 'dream' that had been weaved into them they are the greatest people, with the longest history has now seen daylight. What is a long history if your people have to live on top of your ancestral graveyard for the lack of money to buy land? What is the meaning of being the greatest people when you beg for others to give you a job? Where is your dignity when you see those in power celebrating their counterparts at lavish dinners, but your children have only crumbs to lick, if they are lucky?

But will the scorned Mubarak step down? He'll stay on, till THEY find someone else to replace him. Someone else who will still kowtow to THEIR whims and fancies. Will just ANY kind of change satisfy the people; or will they only settle for a meaningful change?

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