Friday, 15 April 2011

Let them? Second Thoughts

I thought I'd better write something here else I will always have these ideas hovering in my head, 'bookmarking' them for the 'next blog entry' and not think of much else.

Well, the Egyptian march went well, without much ado, and in fact it went on in a'very civilised' manner. At first. It managed to oust the person it wanted to get rid of, and we thought that was the way to have a revolution, if we ever need to. But not all is well. Now the Egyptians are fighting each other, but I hope Ghonim is not feeling too guilty about it. Perhaps he should tweet and facebook the Egyptian masses to be more reasonable now, and get back to work so the country can go on with building its ecomnomy and possibly have a free and fair election. But does anybody really bother? Like the way people bother with Libya's affairs?

Libya has a host of interested parties and not because of the human rights violations committed by Gadaffi's loyals. If whatever is shown on tv has any truth, the European powers want the oil before Gadaffi burns all of it up. They, who a short while ago were friendly with Gadaffi are now seeing him as the vilain and want to 'help' the country.

But Gadaffi has not (perhaps purposefully) groomed anyone to take over when he was gone. He was so distrustful of the army that it has not been properly trained and very poorly armed. But it is quite amazing to see the weapons that people on the streets of Libya carry. 

No, politics is too dirty and mind boggling for many of us. I can never understand the many twists and turns of Malaysian politics, let alone the world's. What the US is doing to Libya and not to Israel is frustrating; especially when other parties see the reason behind it.

All uprisings I have read about or seen on tv have not been beneficial to the people in general, as far as I am concerned. 

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