Monday, 23 July 2007

The last three weeks

It has been a hectic three to four weeks:
- training student committee (exams)members for orientation week.
- new students registered on 23rd June, followed by a series of briefings and overseeing their placement examinations.
- attending meetings to 'see' their results and that they are properly 'placed'.
- getting their timetables ready.
- meeting the new eager students in class. This semester I have engineering students: 22 boys and one girl. The girl wants to move to another class with more girls. Can't blame her: not so convenient for her now to do group work with the boys. I personally like a class with more or less a balanced number of boys and girls. My favourite would be a class of girls: so easy to do fun things like acting or read poems in different ways -- letting our hair down, so to speak.

- 2nd intake on 18th July -- 500 of them.

I hope by 25th July, we can all get on with teaching and learning.

At home, it has been equally hectic. We have just bought a 40-year old single storey corner terrace house. It's being renovated -- actually rebuilt is a better word. Friends who have been are quite thrilled with the plot of land that comes with it. A lot has to be done, from roof to floor, and I hope it will turn out nice and comfy for us. The part I don't like is the loan repayment bit.

It's been hectic: we had to get the previous tenant out. Next was the harrowing experience of discovering that thieves had taken with them anything metal. Even the metal frames of the sliding doors were not spared. I had wanted to have a word with the lawyer (who is a neighbour-to-be) but AHS had my head levelled. Then we had to decide where to put what, the room sizes, the was fun, but quite stressful for me because AHS seems to be exercising his veto power more often. It doesn't help by him being the one constantly available. Sometimes he had to make on-the-spot decisions. But so far, his taste is not bad. But I'm the practical one.

The contention also has been the colour scheme, even though that phase will only come much later. I want an orange kitchen, which hasn't gone down well with AHS yet. I also love guava green -- my friend's room is painted that colour, but AHS is still giving it a thought. Generally, he wants everything to be off-white. We'll see. Looks like I need to apply for a couple of days' leave when its time to do the kitchen.

Any hints for the kitchen are welcome.


Ainon said...

Just get the kitchen in your favourite colour. You'll be there more than anyone else anyway (except the maid, may be). Personally, I have always wanted a more 'garang' look like red kitchen cabinet, black tiles and really long cabinet handles. But when it comes to doing, it'll always be something practical and boring like .. WHITE :-)
However .. if you cant get what you want, just think how nice it will be to redecorate in 7-10 years time

D said...

aaahhh.. an update (finally!!!). Deciding on colour schemes can be a testing time on couples. Guess off-white IS the safe colour, eh?

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