Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tests 2

To me, it is the start of the months of tests. Nevertheless, for Muslims, everyday is a test. Good tidings are tests, bad happenings are tests as well. But to me, come Rejab, I start becoming aware of the good that I have to observe. Yes, not so good, really, as if I am neglecting the rest of the year. But that's not true; I try that much harder from Rejab: finish the fast days I missed during last Ramadhan, do sunat ones, read the Quran a little bit more, do extra sunat prayers, take the time to visit people, start buying for people for Ramadhan and Shawal, etc.

Rejab is one of the four months (Rejab, Zulkaedah, Zulhijjah and Muharram) that warring is forbidden. And this can be extended to not to have squabbles as well, I believe. Why these four months? Only Allah knows. And I keep thinking about my fellow Muslims in Urumqi, China. I don't know why I feel so for them, more than the Palestinians. Is it because theirs is a new conflict? No. Theirs is not new. In fact, theirs has somewhat been swept under the carpet both by their own government as well as the international community. But I hope they will be patient and strive on.

One historical event that happened in Rejab was the Isra' wa Mi'raj. 27th Rejab (20th July) is Isra' (Rasulullah's journey from Makkah to Masjidil Aqsa in Bailtul Muqaddis) and Mi'raj (his journey from Masjidil Aqsa to Siddratul Muntaha, somewhere in the heavens) as well as his journey back to earth. Together with him was none other than Malaikat Jibrail. It happened not in Rasulullah's subconscious; but in fact he was very aware of what was happening. He returned to earth on the very same night.

The most significant event that happened during the Mi'raj was that Prophet Muhammad was given orders by Allah for his followers to perform prayers 50 times a day. On his way back to earth, he met several prophets (at different times in his descent) who advised him to ask for further reductions; till he was left with five. Thus the five daily prayers that we do today. The trip down was not as simplistic as I've made it to be, but that's the general essence of it.
In a few days' time will be Shaaban and Ramadhan will follow suit; then, Shawwal. I've just collected my cotton baju raya. So, now's the time to check my mother's ever full freezer and whatever else she needs. She usually needs a helping hand; and that's the greatest test for me: giving her some of my time. I'll see her in a couple of days and I hope we'll spend some quality time together.


D said...

I must confess that this year I have not attempted to fast at all!! The long summer days seem impossible for me that I hesitate to even give it a shot. Imsak at 2.15am and maghrib at 9.30pm is stretching a bit for me. Boy, how easy it is to make excuses, eh? :(

AmaZura said...

love the background story on Rejab .. please do one for Syaaban as well!

jooli said...

Had to attend a course Mon-Thurs; so hadn't had much time browsing or writing. Now, got to send in an assignment by 14th Aug. :(

D, you are not making excuses, I'm sure, but memang susah. Even here it's not easy.

Amazura, WELCOME!
First snippet about Shaaban is-- I was born in this month:). Will try to see if I can remember some interesting facts about shaaban & post.

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