Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tests 3

From 27th to 30th July, I attended a series of workshops, compulsory for those who wish to be upgraded to a better salary grade. Yup, salary was my driving force. Mata duitan? Perhaps. However, I enjoyed myself as well, besides getting a lot of insights and new ideas for my work. 90% of the lecturers were very good. That was the easy part. We now have to submit an assignment by 14th August. I haven't done much, but just to mull over the assignment question.

And I am also mulling over another test: the divine kind. As I had recently written, we are being tested all the time; but I feel I do not 'prepare' myself for the 'examination' at the end of my life, with my Maker. It is not just the stipulated ibadah -- the five daily prayer, the fasts, reading the Quran -- that would make us closer to Allah, but it also involves our dealings with others.

Are my neighbours well? (Most difficult to find out)

Are my siblings having problems I could help? (I never really asked)

Do my parents need anything? ANYTHING? (Can I fulfill their needs like they did with (almost) all of mine when I was their dependant?)

Was there riak when I felt the lecturer was rather young to be telling me about my work? (Astaghfirullah)


Anyhow, it is a good time to reflect upon things, today being Nisf Shaaaban and all. Why is the new book of amal open on the eve of Nisf Shaaban, I wonder.

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